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First, the tithe is holy and belongs to God.  Second, a tithe is a tenth of your time, talents, and treasures.  Here are some interesting thoughts to reflect upon:   (1) Time is created by God; Time belongs to God.  (2) Natural talents and spiritual gifts are granted to you for God’s purpose and thus, belong to God.  (3) Your treasure held in your bank account, pay check, loose change, folding money, and even the coins that fall in the abyss of your sofa cushions is what God showers upon you.  Do you see a pattern?  All that you were, are, and will ever be is purposed by God.  All that you had, currently own, and will ever acquire is provisioned by God. Psalm 50:10-12, Psalm 24:1, Deuteronomy 8:18

So, what is Tithing?

Tithing is worship; a putting of God first in thought, service, and giving. Tithing is your faith on display before God (not your pastor or congregation).  Tithing expresses your trust in God.   Tithing is an exercise of choice.  What are you choosing?  When you tithe, you are making a conscious and deliberate choice to sacrifice what is precious to you -YOUR treasure, YOUR time, and YOUR talent.  What are you really doing when you tithe? You are choosing and worshiping God and not your treasured things.  You are setting him as your highest priority.  Deuteronomy 14:22-23

For what is the tithe used?

Primarily, the tithe is to be used to cover the needs of those who serve the church.  Not only does a portion your tithe provide for the operational expenses of the church, but it extends to the connectional church with the African Methodist Episcopal Church through the general fund. Did you know that priest were not to own land or hold a secular job.  Their whole life was to serve the needs and the people of the tabernacle? Can you imagine the spiritual growth, development, and the equipping of God’s people would have at their disposal if the operational needs of the church were taken care of by those who benefit from its services? Numbers 18:20-21

Is Tithing for Today?

Jesus rebukes the religious of his day that set aside the practice of tithing. So, yes, Christ followers should continue the practice of tithing.  Matthew 23:23