What is the purpose of the Quarterly Conference?

Presiding Elder California Conference

The Bishop of the 5th district appoints presiding elders.  St. Paul's presiding Elder is Booker T. Guyton (pictured left).  

The presiding Elder is tasked with personally visiting each of his assigned pastoral charges within the Bishop's district four times a year.  His purpose is to pray with and to encourage pastors, lay leaders, and the members of each congregation.  It is within the quarterly conference that the presiding elder learns of the great ministries as well as advise on the business affairs of the church through reports provide to him or her.




Who can be present the Quarterly Conference?

·         traveling preachers on a circuit or station,

·         retired ministers,

·         local preachers,

·         exhorters,

·         stewards,

·         stewardesses,

·         trustees,

·         class leaders,

·         general officers,

·         deaconesses,

·         licensed missionary workers,

·         evangelists and

·         the superintendent of the Church School,

·         the presidents of the A.C.E. Fellowship and missionary societies,

·         administrators of the A.M.E. institutions, organizations and agencies,

·         auxiliary heads

Who carefully and faithfully records each quarterly conference?

·         An assigned secretary or

·         The Pastor or

·         Presiding Elder