Rev. Booker T. Guyton, Sr. Presiding Elder

Rev. Booker T. Guyton, Sr.
Presiding Elder

Dear Oakland/San Joaquin District Family

It is with continued gratitude that Mary and i greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is our honor to welcome and congratulate Rev. Gilbert V. Richards II and Mrs. Ashley Erin Richards, on their new assignment at St. James AME Church in Modesto, CA.

We want to welcome again, Bishop Clement W. Fugh and Episcopal Supervisor Alexia Fugh.  We are very grateful for their continued leadership in the Fifth Episcopal District.   We are very blessed.

Mary and I are also pleased to be in leadership with Presiding Elder Cedric V. Alexander and Mrs. Veronica Alexander of the San Francisco/Sacramento District.  The California District is also blessed.

As we have said, Bishop and Mrs. Fugh have set the direction / season / seasons for our "A Holy Nation."  We are starting YEAR TWO (2017 - 2018).  The Season of Ephiphany.  It is dedicated to "The Restoring of Temple Order.  Please join us on this continued journey, with open hearts and minds, as we fulfill our destiny of being "A Holy Nation."